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The Assembly Fellowship is an intensive non-residential four-month fellowship, currently in its fifth year, for technologists, managers, scholars, and policymakers to tackle difficult problems in technology and policy. 


THE ASSEMBLY FELLOWSHIP is a non-residential four-month fellowship for technologists, scholars, and policymakers to tackle difficult problems in technology and policy, currently in its fifth year. From 2019-2021, the Assembly Fellowship is focused on addressing disinformation on online platforms; in previous years, the program addressed digital privacy and security, as well as the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence. Assembly Fellows develop projects and prototypes aimed at addressing challenges related to the year’s theme. Over the course of the fellowship, Assembly Fellows learn and build together with a deep focus on the public interest; after the fellowship, fellows are encouraged to apply their learnings to their ongoing work. 


Unlike in previous years, in 2020-21, the Assembly Fellowship will invite ongoing, funded projects -- developed during the previous four years of the program -- to participate in the program again, in order to support their continued work and success. These projects address the variety of topics that the Fellowship has tackled since its inception in 2017, including the future of digital security, the ethics and governance of AI, and most recently, disinformation. In addition to supporting their continued work, these returning Assembly Project Fellows will comprise a new cohort and a community of practice. 


Please note: The Fellowship is not accepting new applicants this year. The 2021 Fellowship will support the growth of existing projects from the previous four years of the Assembly Program, and plans to open the call for a new class of Assembly Fellows in Fall 2021. 


"The Assembly Fellowship changed my life.

"I never could’ve made so much progress so quickly without Assembly. My learning here helped me spur new initiatives within my organization.

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